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CVES and Core Communication Checklist

ASHA defines functional communication skills as forms of behavior that express needs, wants, feelings, and preferences that others can understand. When individuals learn functional communication skills, they are able to express themselves without resorting to challenging behavior or experiencing communication breakdown (American Speech-Language Hearing Association).  Functional communication skills are a high area of needs for our students with complex communication needs. 

Requesting 3 Word Combination: I want this


Rejecting 2 Word Combination: Don’t want


Check out the Core Communication Checklist, a data collection tool geared to help collect baseline data of a student’s functional communication skills and guide functional communication goal writing.

Click Here to Download: Core Communication Checklist Final

CVES Core Vocabulary Foldouts are designed to target a variety of functional communication skills. Check out the CVES Core Vocabulary Foldouts page to review 9 differentiated low-tech user areas.

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