Frequently asked questions

What types of training do you offer?

CVES Solution(™) is dedicated to providing training that meets the needs of your organization. Full day and half day training and seminars are available. For more information, please contact us at or

What type of person can use CVES?

>CVES is designed for a wide range of communicators from age 2 to adulthood.  It can be used as a language teaching tool, as well as a stand alone low-tech communication system.  There are 3 User Area Sequences, including Emergent 20-36-60, Intermediate 35-65-105, and Advanced 63-119-189, which have been designed to facilitate communication for emergent as well as more advanced communicators. CVES(™) can be used with the following age levels:

  • Birth to Three Years

  • Preschool

  • Kindergarten

  • Elementary

  • Adolescents

  • Adults

What does low-tech mean? Is CVES low tech?

>Low-tech refers to a type of Alternative and Augmentative Communication System(AAC) containing picture icons. A low-tech communication system is non-electronic.  CVES(™) is a low-tech communication system constructed out of highly durable BPA free plastic and reusable icons.

I already have a communication binder. Will the CVES Fold Out fit in it?

>The CVES Foldouts are compatible with many existing communication binders, including 3-ring binders; however, we cannot guarantee that the foldouts will fit all binders.  CVES Solution(™) binders accommodate 8 color coded binder inserts as well the CVES Fold Outs.

Is the CVES Fold Out waterproof?

>All 9 CVES Foldouts are designed to be water resistant.  They can be used during water based activities and messy play.

Is CVES portable?

>The entire CVES(™) is portable.   The CVES Fold Out bends and folds up behind the binder inserts.   Once folded, an individual can carry the system using the attached handle or with a breakaway communication strap.

Can I use just the CVES Fold Outs?

>Yes. The CVES Fold Outs can be removed from the communication binders and carried to indoor and outdoor activities such as the playground, beach, and swimming pool.  The velcro on the back of the foldouts makes them easy to attach to a felt board or communication apron.  The foldouts can also be used as a Core Vocabulary Board in a classroom, playroom, or as an environmental communication display.

My child has some words and is able to repeat some things. Are they a good candidate for CVES?

>CVES is designed for a range of communicators.  Our goal for all individuals is spontaneous novel utterance generation, the ability for a child to say whatever they want to say whenever they want to say it.   We recommend CVES for a variety of users and uses:

  • Individuals who are nonverbal

  • Children who have the ability to repeat but who do not yet use language functionally across people, environments, and activities

  • As a language teaching tool for children with decreased expressive language

  • Children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities

  • As a transition tool between a low-tech system and high tech communication device

  • Teaching reciprocity of language (back and forth communication)

  • Increasing mean length of utterance

  • Teaching of Functional Communication Skills (wants, needs, preferences, ideas)

What are the benefits of CVES(™)?

.We believe that there are many communicative benefits of using CVES(™) as a communication system or language teaching tool.  See below for several observed benefits:

1.  Removable and returnable Forever Icons(™)

  • Allows the user to manipulate core vocabulary icons.  Interactive use provides multisensory feedback.
  • The consistent icon placement of core vocabulary Forever Icon(s™) allows for consistent motor planning when learning a new word sequence.

2.  Aligns to evidence-based practices in language and AAC Intervention

  • Spontaneous Novel Utterance Generation (Katia Hill)

  • Fitzgerald Key of Color Coding

  • Consistent Icon Placement for Consistent Motor Planning

3.  Allows for individualization of therapy to meet the child’s need

  • Integration of behavioral based and developmental approaches

4.  Ability to Use Aided-Language Stimulation

  • Communication partner can speak directly to the User/Child using the Core Communication Card

5.  2-way exchange of information between communication partner and receiver

  • Increased communication loops and communication exchanges using the Forever Icons(™) and Core Communication Card.

  • Communication partner can provide feedback after a communicative attempt

6. Color coding of personal core and fringe vocabulary words

  • 8 color coded and symbol encoded inserts allow for consistent motor planning of fringe vocabulary words added to the system

7.  Allows for teaching of initiation, persistence, and orienting to communication partner and speakers

8.  Multisensory Approach: See It, Hear It, Say It, Do It

9. Transition tool between a low-tech communication system and a high tech communication device

10. Back-up communication system for when a high tech device is unavailable

11. Allows for teaching of functional communication skills, including callling, greeting, protesting, requesting action, requesting answer, labeling, answering, and repeating

12. Provides access to core vocabulary words at all times.

  • Given that core vocabulary comprises 80% of what we say across environments and activities, CVES(™) provides access to core vocabulary Forever Icon(™) while an individual accesses their core and fringe vocabulary words.

What is the difference between a CVES Conversion Kit and the CVES Solution?

>The CVES Conversion Kit includes the CVES Foldout and Forever Icons(™). The CVES Conversion Kit allows you to take an existing communication binder and add core vocabulary icons to it. The CVES Solution has additional language materials an individual may need, including a First Then Schedule and an Activity Schedule, both of which attach to the communication binder.As part of our enhancements we redesigned the CVES binder with more space and locator marks to make assembly quick and easy. The indicator marks allows the clinician to quickly attach velcro and icons to the CVES Foldout.

Do you have to purchase all of the components of the CVES Solution?

>No, you can pick 1 component, or buy them individually. This will depend upon the needs of your client. For economic reasons we offer each component separately so that you can buy what you need.

Why do you call them Forever Icons(™)?

>The icons are printed on polypropylene BPA free plastic and will last virtually forever …. or at least until they are recycled by you. To make them last longer the ink used is UV stable and we apply a low VOC matte clearcoat on both the CVES Foldout and Forever Icons to resist normal wear and tear and scratching.

How can I keep my CVES Foldouts and materials clean?

>Everything is made to be sanitized using water and common household cleaners. Unlike paper laminated icons, Forever Icons don’t mind getting wet. Every component in the CVES Solution is made to withstand rough repetitive treatment and to be cleaned frequently.

Do I have to worry about temperature?

>No, not for the plastic and metal components. However, the glue used on commercial hook and loop should not be exposed to temperatures over 120 degrees. For this reason we recommend that you do not store your CVES Solution inside vehicles in the hot sun.

Why do you have both a handle on the binder and offer a Binder Break Away Strap?

For those people with existing communication binders we want to offer them a safer alternative that what they are currently using. Other people may want to use simply the handle. We will be offering more color options in the near future!